Trying to keep up!!

OK so I ran my 10 miles today and it felt OK.  Then I looked back at my training schedule for last year and ran 14 on the same weekend.  I have burned to old training schedule!!

I also have no idea of where these ramblings will post to, or if they will even show up on any page, so if you found this post you should immediately buy a lottery ticket.  Running the Dopey continues to seem a daunting and Dopey task, however, I continually remind myself that this one “is just for fun”.  What sort of sick person would think that!!!???

I hope everyone’s training is going well.  I will try to be more prolific in adding to our story.  I have found that a beer after the long run makes it more likely that I will post something and 2 beers makes me not remember what I posted.  So if you read something ridiculous at least you will know my beer consumption for the day!

Keep on running!! 🙂


Day 1 for me!

OK, so I am calling today my first official day of training for everything coming up this fall and Dopey.

Why today you ask?? Very simple.  My run today was so bad, it seems a great place to start, since hopefully I can only go up from here.  I have to assume that now is the time to get serious and commit to doing this.  Training is easier if I don’t think about it and just make the decision to do it.  If I ask myself at 5 am if I should get up and run the answer is always “NO”!!!  If I don’t ask the question and simply get moving, I’ll get the run in for that day.  Any words of inspiration are always welcome!!