Week 2 of training put me right back on the treadmill again. With recording-breaking highs in both Phoenix and Tucson (where we took a brief trip this week), it’s looking like the hamster wheel will be my partner from now until September or so.

I worked in a lot of cross training with the Nike Training Club app this week – mostly lower body and core work. I took a day off on Friday in preparation for that big 4 mile long run on Saturday (can you see my eye roll? It’s happening, because 4 miles is going to be heaven in a few months). Not sure that it was entirely necessary to take the day off, but with the additional cross training I’m doing, I just don’t want to run the risk of overtraining anything.


Update on the yoga:

I haven’t done anything.

No…. scratch that.

I flipped through the book, and then I tried to touch my toes.


Oh, and I also THOUGHT at least twice about pulling out the foam roller. And berated myself for not doing a better job of using that consistently. Mentally heckled myself a bit for working with Physical Therapists every day for work, and wondered shortly if any would offer me a discount in a few months when I need it.

That foam roller is still collecting dust in the closet.

So, there’s some room for improvement there.


But I bought some new shoes this week, and extra Body Glide.

Baby steps. 🙂


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