Running 48.6 miles in 4 days is great for the memories it is sure to build. And the medals. And the endurance.

But let’s be honest… that calorie burn is going to be killer, and I am going to eat the HELL out of some food as we do this.

Which explains why I was up at the unnatural hour of 3 am booking Disney Dining Reservations with a bunch of other crazy fools 180 days out.

Can we just all let our jaws drop at the ridiculosity that is Disney Dining? I generally don’t know what I intend to eat for dinner a few hours from now, much less guessing what type of cuisine (and at what time!) I may want to eat 6 months from now. And yet, there I was this morning, clicking away on my Disney Dining Reservations, then yawning while sitting up for another 30 minutes until the phone lines opened so I could call and modify my reservations. It was madness. The fact that people do this – and that I DID THIS – is preposterous.

We have a large party of people traveling with us for the Dopey Challenge, which is wonderful, and again, great for the memories it will build, the support, the camaraderie, and all of those warm and fuzzy things. It also worked out brilliantly well for our reservations, as Disney was able to accommodate our larger parties in pretty much every reservation we wanted except one (still pending, and yes, I’m maniacally checking that reservation status daily. Wait. Checking now. Nope, still not available.).

We’ve been fortunate to travel to Disney several times, and have a few favorites that we’ll be sure to hit – Raglan Road in Downtown Disney, Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom, Literally-Any-Restaurant-That-Will-Give-Me-Priority-Seating-At-Fantasmic…..  But this time, we’re trying many new places, as well. We’ll hit a few resort restaurants (Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Grand Floridian Café, and – super excited about this one – California Grill at the Contemporary to watch the fireworks). Inside the parks, I am P-U-M-P-E-D to try the new Jungle Cruise themed restaurant. The puns make this my favorite ride in MK, so I can’t wait to bask in that element for a while!

What are your favorite restaurants in Disney World? I plan to eat my way through the parks as much as possible and would love recommendations!


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