With highs only in the 80s at 5 am, I took my running outside a few times this week rather than solely on the treadmill. Even after only a few runs, it reminded me why I loathe the treadmill as a training device… it just doesn’t seem to condition me the same way.

Mentally, I zone out on a treadmill. I can flip on the tv and just clock away a few miles (although, ask me how that works when the runs get longer….). When I’ve been training on a treadmill and finally get to move back outside, my mental toughness just isn’t there. For a few of my runs outside this week, I had that dread-of-every-footfall mentality. Usually that ends up going away around the time the endorphins kick in, but the blazing sun didn’t help. Here’s hoping that the few months of great running weather in AZ that will fall before Dopey are enough to get my mental game up to snuff.

Physically, the treadmill just isn’t the same. I’ve been going out of the way to do hill runs on the treadmill so that there’s not as much of a physical difference when I transition back to the “real world.” No idea yet if that will help, but we shall see.

Any advice for treadmill training? Temps are only going up here in the desert!


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