OK, so I am calling today my first official day of training for everything coming up this fall and Dopey.

Why today you ask?? Very simple.  My run today was so bad, it seems a great place to start, since hopefully I can only go up from here.  I have to assume that now is the time to get serious and commit to doing this.  Training is easier if I don’t think about it and just make the decision to do it.  If I ask myself at 5 am if I should get up and run the answer is always “NO”!!!  If I don’t ask the question and simply get moving, I’ll get the run in for that day.  Any words of inspiration are always welcome!!


2 thoughts on “Day 1 for me!

  1. I’m feeling you on that “today’s run was so bad, it can only get better!” My run today was pretty atrocious; the heat was killing me. I kept reminding myself every step of the way that the Phoenix summers always beat me down to the point where I question if I am actually a “runner;” maybe I’m better suited to something else… like couch sitting. But every Sept/Oct, when the heat breaks, I finally feel like I can do it again.

    When I started running again after Logan was born, I had some great quote about self-discipline that got me out of bed every morning. I can’t remember it or find it online right now to save my life, but the general idea behind it was that if I could do something repeatedly enough that it would become a habit, I would build the discipline to do it every day without thinking about it. I still remind myself of that at 5 am every morning. That and the reminder that while I may regret a run beforehand, I pretty much never do afterwards.

    Wishing you swift and easy runs this week!


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