Not sure about everyone else, but I’m going to attempt to follow the Jeff Galloway training plan for the Dopey Challenge. Week 1 of the training plan officially starts next week…. so in an effort to trick myself into thinking that I’m going to be ahead of the curve, I started ramping up my training a bit this week.


We’ve been under a heat advisory all week and have broken records twice in the past 7 days, so running outdoors was a no-go. I hit the treadmill a few times for just a 5k each time. I am also using a plan on my Nike Training Club app to work in some strength training a few extra days a week. One of the few things I haven’t repressed from our training for the WDW Marathon previously was that my core strength just wasn’t there. I can recall hitting the 20 mile mark in training runs and just feeling like I couldn’t hold myself up any longer. In an effort to head that off (and work on total body fitness in addition to running), my goal is to work in some consistent strength training each week.

Since Brandon and I both ended up with significant knee injuries during our last attempt, I’m also trying to add some yoga and a lot of stretching into the training plan this time. I always have great intentions when it comes to stretching, but my execution is lacking. On Monday, though, I took the kids to the library and “Yoga for Runners” was propped up on a display shelf just begging to be checked out. If nothing else, bringing that home led me to find this new resource, so hopefully I can work in a bit of “om” over the next 6 months. New goal: to see if I can touch my toes before race day.


One thought on “Week 0

  1. I to suffer from the lack of core strength. I believe it is a genetic defect and there is little I can do about it!! However, in an effort to prove my theory, I have tried downloading the Nike fitness app. It failed to install on 3 devices (they were too old!!). I assume this is a sign from God not to mess with his creation, or lack there of. I will continue to look for the proper core training method, as it really is too important to leave them as they are. Lots of miles ahead, with the potential for injury, so I better stop typing and try to stretch something!! Keep running 🙂


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